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LeaderTask Daily Planner 14.0.3


LeaderTask Daily Planner lets you plan all of your tasks and keep track of them from any of your devices.

You can keep your contacts, tasks and projects always to hand. With LeaderTask Daily Planner you can look over your task lists and receive reminders in plenty of time to accomplish your workloads.

With LeaderTask you can create tasks via e-mail and you can add files to tasks and notes.

  • Synchronize tasks on all your mobile devices: Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • LeaderTask allows you to work together: You can assign tasks to your team and work on joint projects.
  • Cloud synchronization: The synchronization service keeps your task list up to date on all your devices, whether that be your Android smartphone and tablet or your iPhone, iPad and PC.
  • Task delegation: You can delegate a task to any LeaderTask user. After a task is assigned, it then appears in the performer’s LeaderTask organizer.
  • Joint projects: With project properties you can select LeaderTask users and make up your team. Team members can view other members’ tasks and notes in the project, add and edit their own tasks and notes.
  • Ultimate cloud security: All of your data is safely protected in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

LeaderTask keeps safe all your tasks and assignments. They contain the entire information of a task.

What is necessary to do, who is the performer of an assignment, terms of a task, discussion in a chat with colleagues, attached files. Large tasks can be divided into smaller step and each step can also have the performer.


Projects help realizing your real business projects, which contain all project tasks.

Every project has a team performing its' tasks. As well as tasks projects can be organized in a tree structure, what allows to organize maintaining a large number of projects conveniently.


Tags and colors will allow to allocate visually tasks of importance or priority.

You can build the own system of tags and colors. Tags are "stickers" on tasks, and color is a tasks color background.


In a calendar you can plan the schedule of work on days, weeks, months.

Reminders of LeaderTask won't allow you to forget about an important meeting.


You can download LeaderTask for most popular platforms: Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac.

Thanks to that your to-do list will be always with you. Work where it is convenient to you and when it is convenient, and even without Internet connection. All information is always keeped on your device.


LeaderTask possesses a tasks filtering system on eight parameters — perhaps, the strongest in branch.

Therefore you can obtain the necessary information: on the performer, on the owner, on the project, on term, on importance, on a tag, on color, on contact.


Autonomous or offline mode is the main advantage of LeaderTask.

Your work doesn't depend on quality of the Internet connection or his absence. You and your employees will can work at remote objects, on the plane everywhere where it is convenient to you. All assignments will be sent as soon as the Internet connection appears.
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