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ElasticSearch Essentials 3.0.7


ElasticSearch Essentials - Additional functionality for forums running XenForo Enhanced Search (ElasticSearch).

Known issues;

  • CLI bulk-indexing script does not work with XF2.1
This add-on requires ElasticSearch v2.0 or newer, it does not support 1.x or older!

Search Bar Auto Complete

When your users type in the search bar on your forum they will see suggestions based on what they have typed so far. The terms come from phrases used in your index rather than just common words. This means that it should work well for niche boards, any language, etc... This can really...
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Download File : ElasticSearch Essentials with a new update entry:

3.0.6 - Maintenance update

  • Workaround for XFES bug which can cause errors with "Do to you mean?" functionality
  • Add "Elastic Search Type mappings" section to ElasticSearch configuration to diagnose why "Optimization required" can sometimes unexpectedly return "yes".
    • Search for not matching/unexpected/expected in this list.
    • Add-on name may be inferable from the field name.
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Download File : ElasticSearch Essentials with a new update entry:

3.0.7 - Bugfix update

  • Expose 'similar threads on create' cache time limit (default 60 seconds)
  • Avoid N+1 query behaviour when listing threads in a similar thread block when reading from cache
  • On Thread creation; Empty similar thread container if no title
  • Show forum name in similar thread list if the thread is not from the same forum as the thread
  • Improve handling of auto-complete, around constraints and back-end handling
  • XenFocus style support fixes for auto-complete and similar threads...
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